Green Key Rating

Protecting our Environment

Our Eco-friendly Initiatives

Many hotels around the world spend significant money on “green” or “eco-friendly” initiatives and then pay a large annual fee to an outside company to give them a “green key” rating. We have implemented many green initiatives, however would rather keep our “green” for other worthwhile initiatives at our property, rather than buying a rating.

Flourescent Lighting

BC Hydro initiative that encourages business to use less electricity. We have been converting all of our lighting to flourescent, where possible.

Temp & Light Control

When rooms are unoccupied we make sure all lights/heat are off in units except in our winter season we have to keep minimal heat on in our units.


We use timers throughout the hotel for our signs, lighting and music to make sure they’re only running during our business hours.


We have composting on-site. We encourage our guests to through their organic material into the composter in our garden area. During the harvest season we offer the guests fresh local product that we have grown through out the season. All natural fertalizers are used in the garden along with our composting.

Linens & Laundry

We change sheets every 5th day (sooner if necessary). Towels are replaced only when left in the tub or floor. Signage is in place in our washrooms to encourage re-use of towels. We always recycle our older linens into rags for cleaning.

High efficiency washers – Washes and spins laundry more efficiently to remove more moisture than a usual washer and then reduces the drying time.

High Efficiency Dryers

Complete with sensors that automatically shut off the load once dry.

Cleaning Supplies

Non-amoniated window and mirror cleaner. The very best – vinegar! We limit the use of bleach, however there are times when its use is necessary. All chemicals are used in re usable spray bottles.


We strive to have plants in all of our public areas for better indoor air quality.


Any wood used around the building has been used with 100% recycled wood. Lately, we even recycled old hydro poles and a truss from an old bridge. These pieces were incorporated into our exterior renovation, which has included new siding, stairs and balconies. Currently, we are working on siding, new windows and doors.


All paint used on the building is a low VOC paint.

Re-Use of Paper

We make sure to always reuse or recycle the paper that our front desk uses


We promote to all guests to recycle with us through our recycle area. We make sure to recycle all bottles/cans.

Swimming Pool

Our Dryotron is a very expensive piece of equipment that not only de-humidifies the air, but recycles that water and heat back into the pool.

Fitness Center

We encourage our staff and motel guests to use our facility to sustain good health by offering them free access to our facility.


Whenever we bring in new product for the business we make sure to recycle the older product by donating to the local second hand stores. We also donate any proceeds we raise to our local food bank when he hold functions within the Motel.


We try our hardest to always purchase our products as local as possible, although we are a smaller town, so only so much can be purchased locally.

Herbicides & Pesticides

We do not use these products on our grounds.

Ethical Wages

Our housekeepers are paid quite a bit above minimum wage. They work very hard and are an integral part of our business success. Many of the maids in our employ have been with us since around the time we purchased our business in 2006. Typically, the average housekeeper in most hotels lasts less than 6 months, as turnover in the industry is quite high and wages are extremely low. We trust our staff to provide excellent service to our guests, both in ensuring the rooms are clean and taking notice of the little details that are important to our guests.

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